As our first performance and proof of concept, the subject and scope of When All the Crowds Have Gone is just as far reaching as our future plays. Media tycoon John is looking deal with his legacy and asks his younger brother to write his biography. Long-buried tensions between them threaten to derail John's schemes, which involve everyone in his life, from his former actress wife to a pair of film director brothers. Can John keep control of the players in his game? 

Providing a suitable retreat for a media tycoon, the Jack Windmill house on the Sussex downs was reconfigured by architects in 2016, who kept its original mid-century glamour while turning it into a modern luxury home. The design won two Royal Institute of British Architect Awards, and was named by the Evening Standard as one of the three best architectural escapes in the UK. Jack is part of a famous landmark pair of windmills, Jack and Jill, known collectively as Clayton Windmills.