Our first strand of features in development are aimed at the growing audience for filmed theatrical content, who are attracted to high-quality, culturally significant plays. Our scripts have been chosen to inspire and intrigue this audience, looking beyond Shakespeare to a wealth of work in the classic theatrical canon suited to cinematic filming. We will also promote new work, looking for large-scale potential whether in subject matter or style.

As we use modern techniques to reinvigorate the classic genre and promote the idea of a ‘new renaissance’, we will place an emphasis on quality ensemble casts to create a house style, while the high calibre of the scripts offer opportunities for well known actors in key roles.

From ancient plays with a modern twist, through farcical comedies, to new works in a classic style, join us on our journey as we meet the varied characters in the first phase of our selected dramas: two very different Kings torn between their Kingdoms and their own desires; a media mogul on a quest to immortalise his life story; a gang of clever swindlers out to take your last penny; a cross-dressing woman trying to help her hapless friends; and a pair of lovers divided and reunited.



We are currently creating a series of short films, starting with a selection of poems recited by noted actors. As well as completing conventional short films, we are also filming versions using 360 degree capture. This footage - when viewed through a VR helmet or phone in a headset - allows the audience to feel as if they are fully present in the room alongside the actor. See more about our first production below.